The New Generation of ECM Software

We are excited to announce the launch of Uxopian, global ECM publisher designed to empower organizations to elevate their information management. Our recent rebrand marks a commitment to better serve our customers and partners in the ECM market, and reflects our commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and delivering exceptional value to our ecosystem.

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Revolutionizing ECM Migration with Precision and Performance

Welcome to the future of ECM migration with Fast2, a dynamic solution by Uxopian that's designed to conquer the complexities of ECM migration challenges. Fast2 isn't just a migration tool; it's a comprehensive solution that addresses key migration pain points, ensures performance, and opens doors to transformative offerings

The Key Three Phases of the Migration Journey

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Targeting Key Migration Challenges

Fast2 addresses five core challenges that are often encountered during ECM migration

Efficiently Transition with Fast2

Migration is often met with apprehension due to its potential pitfalls. Fast2 is purpose-built to address these challenges head-on and provide a streamlined migration experience that goes beyond the traditional

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Performance & Planning

Efficient migration demands careful planning and execution. Fast2's robust performance management tools ensure that the migration process is optimized for speed and precision

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Handling massive volumes of content is a common challenge. Fast2's architecture is designed to handle large-scale migrations, ensuring content integrity and accuracy

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ECM repositories contain diverse content types and formats. Fast2's adaptability ensures seamless migration regardless of the content's complexity

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Mission-critical content demands special attention during migration. Fast2 provides safeguards to ensure that vital information remains secure and accessible

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Monitoring & Traceabilty

Migration monitoring and tracking are essential. Fast2 offers comprehensive tracking tools to ensure content remains in its intended destination and format

Unlock the Potential of your Information with Fast2

Fast2 redefines ECM migration as a dynamic and transformative process. Beyond mere content transfer, Fast2 empowers organizations to harness the full potential of their data, streamline operations, and enhance accessibility

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Repository Scan & Analysis

Thoroughly examining the current document repository to identify its strengths, weaknesses, and potential opportunities for improvement

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the repository's content and structure, types of documents & metadata associated with them. It also involves analyzing the repository's security and access controls

Enhanced strategic decision making

Providing valuable insights into the data stored in the repository

Make better decision about the quality of your content and the efficiency of your business processes after analyzing your repository

Organizing repositories for Automation

Streamline and optimize the management of an organization's data and content. By organizing repositories in a structured and consistent manner

Organizations can improve the efficiency of their data management processes and reduce manual errors and inefficiencies

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Standardizing & Normalizing Content

Organizing and transforming data into a consistent and unified format, allowing for better management and ease of use. Automate this process with Fast2 by identifying and correcting issues such as inconsistent file formats, duplicates, and missing information

Content Modification & Enrichment

Making changes to existing content and adding new information to it to improve its value and relevance. Ensure that the content is updated and optimized for the new repository. Adding metadata, images, videos, character recognition or any other relevant information that can enhance the user's experience

Content to Business Intelligence

Optimize the use of a newly standardized and normalized document repository by providing insights into the data stored in the repository. This helps organizations make informed decisions and take actions that can improve their operations

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